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Nightmare On Parent Street

2012-09-30 15:04:11 by GreenSleeves91

Here's a sketch show I animated, written by Jim & Sal.

Please watch and share with your chums.


Harold & Roy: Jailbreak

2012-09-13 12:28:25 by GreenSleeves91

Harold & Roy: Jailbreak was my 2nd year film, about a pair of bumbling crooks who escape from prison.

I tried to put this film up on Newgrounds ages ago but it just says, "Missing 'Moov' Atom."

So I've finally decided to put it here.
Enjoy :).

P.S: If anyone knows how to fix this moov atom bollocks do let me know.

Red Bull Canimation

2011-11-14 14:44:16 by GreenSleeves91
Updated y#31856300

My entry for the Red Bull Canimation competition. Be sure to like and share around if you like it.

Cheers dawg.

NOTE: The embed won't work... please click the link.

The Rise and Fall of a Wacky Radio DJ (Full Version)

2011-06-19 06:01:54 by GreenSleeves91

For those of you that may have wanted to see the final edit.

Give it a watch, the last scene makes it ;).

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2011-05-13 07:57:58 by GreenSleeves91

I am Greensleeves, animator and member of Jesus 2.

Hope you enjoy.